Antinol® For Dogs

With no known side effects, the PCSO-524® contained in Antinol®has assisted millions of dogs around the world to enhance their mobility and start moving again.

About Antinol®


Antinol® is a 100% natural anti-inflammatory for the relief of osteoarthritis and support of other joint mobility conditions in dogs.

Antinol® contains PCSO-524®, a unique lipid extract from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel.

Antinol® has assisted many dogs and cats around the world to enhance their mobility and start moving again.

Antinol® is fast acting.  In a veterinary assessment, 90% of dogs/cats who received Antinol® showed enhanced mobility within 14 days of starting Antinol®.

Taken daily, Antinol® supports your pet’s joint health and mobility to maintain an active lifestyle.

What makes Antinol® different from other joint supplements?

Antinol® is the result of years of research in isolating and combining lipid groups and essential acids.

Many clinical and University backed studies attest to the efficacy of Antinol®.

As evidenced by Professor Sir Michael Whitehouse in the published Medical Journal of Inflammopharmacology, Antinol® is

  • 200 times more potent than flax oil
  • 175 times more potent than Salmon Oil
  • 125 times more potent than Green Lipped Mussel Powder
  • 100 times more potent than EPA/DHA from Fish Oil

PCSO-524® is extracted via a patented process which maintains its stability and potency.  The extraction process also ensures that there are NO mussel proteins in PCSO-524® (proteins cause allergies).

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Why should my dog take Antinol® for its joint condition?

Because Antinol® is:

  • Clinically proven to enhance mobility in dogs with osteoarthritis and other joint conditions
  • Recommended by veterinarians around the world as it is safe and works fast
  • The No. 1* joint mobility therapy in Japan

Besides noticing the improvement in mobility, many owners also noticed that their pet:

  • Seems livelier and more active
  • Is more energetic
  • Wants to go on walks again
  • Climbs stairs with greater ease
  • Resumes playing with their toys
  • Returns to jumping (into the car)

Antinol® brought the joy back to their furry companions.

* Research by Crecon Research & Consulting Co.,Ltd

How should I administer Antinol® and how should I store it?

The Antinol® gelcap is only 1 cm long so it is super easy to feed your pet.  Most dogs will gladly eat it out of your hand.  Give Antinol® with or after food.

For difficult to pill pets, the Antinol® gelcap may be hidden in wet food.  Alternatively, the gelcap can be pierced and the contents mixed with food or treats.

Antinol® is best stored at 25oC or below, away from light.  For hotter climates like in Singapore, you may choose to store Antinol® in the refrigerator and remove gelcap from the blister just prior to dosing.

Dosage for Dogs

The amount of Antinol® capsules recommended will depend on the dog’s weight and the severity of their condition

1 to 20kg Over 20kg Timeframe
Loading dose 2 capsules daily 4 capsules daily 2 weeks or as vet recommends
Maintenance dose 1 capsule daily 2 capsules daily Continual

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Antinol® is only available from veterinary clinics.  Speak to your Veterinarian on how Antinol® may help your pet.

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